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Equipment Listing  Sweco/Kason Separators
 Stainless Hydro Pulper
 Parkson Lamellar Clarifier
 Magnetic Separation
 Denver Slurry Pumps
 Knelson Gold Concentrators
 SWECO M18-5 Grinding Mill
 Retsch ZM-1 Centrifugal Mill
 Andritz Belt Filters
 Lightnin Agitators
 Humphrey Spirals
 Perrin Filter Press
 Shriver Filter Press
 Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuges
 Pfaudler Reactor
 Deister Table

Screening units, stainless tanks, and vessels.
We will buy your surplus process items, or, even your entire plant!
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Sweco and Kason Separators

Kason & Sweco Vibratory Screeners for Sale

Wide assortment of used units, sizes from 12" to 60".

Single/double deck, stainless or carbon steel.

Wide assortment of screen meshes available to suit your application.

Heavy Duty Industrial Hydro-Pulper

Hydro Pulper for Sale

Unused high consistency hydro pulper - 10' diameter X 10' high tank dimensions, overall heigth 196" (4 bolt on legs). 1/4" 316 stainless steel construction, tank volume = 3880 US gal, rotor diameter = 36" (600 RPM).

Right angle 3 to 1 reduction gear box (rated to 300 HP). Comes with 1/4" CHT 400 replaceable tank and cone liners. CHT extraction chamber comes with 3/8" hole 316 SS screen and two 6" dia. flanged discharge pipes. Tank side walls have two steam injection nozzles.

Parkson Lamellar Clarifiers for Sale

Parkson Lamellar Clarifiers for Sale

Used Lamellar Clarifier, Model 860/55 LGS (gravity settler), 860 sq. ft. settling area. Epoxy painted, carbon steel construction. Comes with flash and flocc tanks.

Also, one used Parkson Lamella Clarifier, Model 360/55 LGST (gravity settler/thickener), capacity - 360 sq.ft.
Epoxy painted, carbon steel construction. Comes with flash and flocc tanks.

Magnetic Separation Equipment for Sale

Magnetic Separation Equipment for Sale


New and Used Magnetic Head Pulleys, Permanent and Electro Suspended Magnets, Plate Magnets, and Tube Grate Magnets.

All units refurbished or fabricated new to your specification.

Very large selection of magnetic head pulleys: 4", 6", 8", 12", 16", & 18". Suspended permanent and electro magnets for mining, municiple refuse processing, chemical processing, - self-cleaning and manual cleaning units available.

Rare Earth-Neodymium Separators also available - single magnets to Eddy Current Rotors.

Denver Sala SRL Pumps

Denver Sala Sump Pumps for Sale

Model VASA G 120-234-2C Sump Pumps - Rubber lined wear parts, shaft, and lower frame.
Pump speed = 700 RPM, V-Belt Drive, 5HP motors (3/60/575V 1800 rpm-tefc), shaft length below mounting bracket = 120cm.

Model STGVA 120-33-WFR Sump Pumps, 3" Inlet & 3" Discharge, Rubber lined wear parts, shaft, and lower frame.
V-Belt Drive, 2 - 7.5 HP motors (3/60/575V), 2 - 10 HP motors (3/60/575V), shaft length below mounting bracket = 120 cm.
Previous use was for 18 months in a soils plant. In very good condition.

Knelson Gold Concentrators

Knelson Gold Concentrators for Sale


Model KC-MD30 - center discharge, equipped with polyurethane bowls.
10 HP motors (3/60/460V), rated @ 30 - 40 TPH feed per concentrator.

Comes with digital control system, feed distribution box, and two 5' X 10' single deck Semco screens.

Used for 2 years, change in feed stock rendered units uneffective at present location. Units in very good condition.

Retsch Centrifugal Mill

Retsch Brinkmann ZM-1 Centrifugal Mill for Sale

Immacculate lab centrifugal mill. For grinding soft to medium-hard materials. Two stage speed 10,000 and 20,000 rpm. Includes stainless steel push fit rotor with 24 teeth, and stainless steel collection pan.

Unit comes with choice of 1 new stainless steel ring seive.

Maximum feed particle size 10mm, final grind fineness is approximately 0.04 to 0.05 mm (~40 to 50 microns).

Updated equivalent unit from Retsch retails new for $7,250 USD.

Please e-mail us for pricing.

Lightnin Agitators

Lightnin Rubber Coated Agitators for Sale

A number of units available:

(a) Model 15-Q-3, 2" dia X 143", 3/60/575V, 84 RPM shaft speed - 5 available.

(b) Model 16-Q-3, 2.5" dia X 198", 3/60/575V, 51 RPM shaft speed - 3 available.

(c) Model 17-Q-10, 3" dia X 347", 3/60/575V, 68 RPM shaft speed - 3 available.

Humphrey Spirals

Humphrey Spiral Concentrators for Sale


Used bank of Humphrey spiral concentrators, Model LC3000.

2 start column, 5 turn spiral, rated approximately 1 to 3 TPH per start. Comes with frame and feed distributer.

Also, used Humphrey spiral concentrator, Model MC3700, 2 start column, 7 turn spiral, rated 2 to 4 TPH per start.

Bought new in 1995, used for only 18 months in a soils treatment plant.

Pressure Filtration Units

Perrin & Shriver Filter Presses for Sale

Used 24" X 24" Perrin filter press. 36 recessed polypropylene plates giving 10 cu ft of cake capacity. Very clean unit, comes equipped with Hydro-Closure.

36" X 36" presses also available.

Pressure Filtration Units

Shriver Filter Press for Sale

Used Shriver plate and frame filter press size 50/55, 51 plates, 50 frames, 48" X 48", 75 cu ft cake capacity, 50 psi, 1000 sq ft surface area.

Comes equipped with Hydro-Closure and very recent pneumetic-hydraulic pump for closing of ram. Recently outfitted with new filter clothes. Sandblasted and 2 part epoxy coated in 2001.

Horizontal Centrifuge Units

Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge Units for Sale

Used/refurbished Alfa Laval and Sharples decanter centrifuge units.

Models P3000 up to P5000, refurbished with manufacturer's warranty. Formatted for sludge, food, and sewage applications.

E-mail us for pricing.

Deister Concentration Table

Deister Concentration Table for Sale


Used #6 Diester concentrating table, 14.5' x 6' table (parallelogram), rubber deck, right hand.

Comes with Concenco Head Motion unit, main assembly and subframe, and 2 HP motor.

Rated 16 to 50 tpd.

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